• General Service category

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  • Junior Professional Officer Programme

    AREI offers some job opportunities under a Junior Professional Officer (JPO) Programme. The Programme provides young professionals an opportunity to acquire hands-on work experience in the Agency, and enhances the source of potential future talents for AREI. JPOs work as a professional staff member under the guidance of a senior professional.

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  • Associate Professional Programme

    The Associate Professional (AP) Programme enables young talented university graduates and post graduates to gain first-hand experience in the work of AREI and exposure to AREI’s main activities and programmatic areas. APs are engaged for an initial duration of one year, which may be renewed for another year subject to the needs of service.

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  • Consultants and Contractors

    AREI engages consultants and contractors to work on specific projects and assignments. The functions are normally output and results oriented to assist in the delivery of programmatic activities.

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  • Internship Programme

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Working in the Independent Delivery Unit (IDU) gives you a unique opportunity to work in a dynamic, multicultural environment and contribute to advancing the widespread and increased adoption and use of renewable energy toward a sustainable energy future. AREI (Africa Renewable Energy Initiative) welcomes applications from nationals of all countries and strongly encourages women to apply.
AREI offers different types of employment opportunities: Professional and General Service positions; Consultants and Contractors; Associate Professionals and Internships; and the Junior Professional Officer (JPO) Programme.
Professional category
Professional staff are experts recruited from all around the world who bring in-depth professional expertise and global perspective in specific areas of AREI’s work and carry out the functions as experts in their fields. The skills and knowledge required of professional staff are usually very specific to the nature of AREI's work.